Don't Let Water Ruin Your Home

Have you scheduled a water intrusion inspection in Lincoln Park, Parsippany or Wayne, NJ recently?

A small leak can cause big problems. Over time, persistent moisture can cause mold growth, wood rot and structural damage. Do you know for sure if your Lincoln Park, Parsippany or Wayne, NJ property is leak-free? If not, it's a smart idea to schedule a water intrusion inspection.

Call Signature Home Inspections when you'd like a thorough water intrusion inspection, or if you've noticed...

Mold growing in your basement
Water stains on your ceiling
Paint peeling off your walls

Your home inspector can check for leaks due to broken windows, saggy gutters or a deteriorating roof. We can also perform a mold inspection. Just let us know.

What's that foul smell?

What's that foul smell?

You don't need to see mold to know it's growing in your crawl space or behind your walls. If you've noticed a musty odor, it's time to schedule a mold inspection.

Contact Signature Home Inspections in Lincoln Park, Parsippany or Wayne, NJ today to make an appointment.